Twin shaft regenerative lime kilns

Twin shaft regenerative lime kilns

The Twin Shaft Regenerative (TSR) kiln family consists of two main groups: Direct Crossover featuring a single channel placed between the shafts, Radial Crossover featuring circular channels around the shafts which are then connected in the central part.

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The TSR-Kilns series utilizes the regenerative process for lime calcination. There are two distinguishing characteristics for the TSR-Kilns:

  • the parallel flow of hot gases and stone in the burning zone, which allows a mild burning of the limestone without over-burning, and
  • the regenerative preheating of all combustion air, using the limestone contained in the preheating zone of the kiln (in the non-burning shaft) as a heat accumulator.

The TSR kilns currently represent the best option for high- and medium-reactivity lime production in terms of:

  • lower fuel consumption,
  • lower maintenance costs,
  • lower emission rates,
  • higher quality lime.